In order to ensure that the transition from the build-up phase to the operating phase runs as smoothly as possible, a transitional governance is to be implemented at an early stage. To this end, the following are currently being implemented:

  • Governance models are being prepared for a transition phase, which are intended to enable a high level of participation with low use of resources and serve as a basis for governance of the operating phase.
  • Pilot services will be developed and then implemented later (after feedback with the groups concerned) in order to demonstrate concrete added value for the scientific community and all other groups concerned at an early stage.
  • Management competencies for implementation and the operating phase in cooperation with Executive Master for Managers in Research Infrastructures (EMMRI from RiTrain). This programme, funded by the European Commission, provides specific management skills at management level for European research infrastructures.

Sustainable operation

Continious transition towards a sustainable operation and service provision will start in 2021 and include:

  • Sustainable governance models are described and analysed for the operational phase. The models consider, among other things, structural and process-describing aspects, decision-making and advisory competencies, design of access modalities, and ownership. 
  • Financing options for sustainable operation, taking complementary sources into account, which will be developed by EMPHASIS-PREP.