Why do we need EMPHASIS?

Generating synergies
  • Special equipment
  • Data management: Standards/ protocols/ interoperability
  • Education/ training and outreach
  • Boost different roles of academia and industry
  • Development access
  • Use access
  • Dissemination access
Generating novel opportunities
  • Unique installations
  • Link field phenotyping in diverse climate/ environment zones
Phenotyping as a tool
  • Link to user demands
  • Handle diversity of solutions
  • Link to models (bilateral)
  • Link to omics


Plants are the basis of all food, feed and renewable bioenergy production and are essential for the desired transfer from a fossil based economy to a bio-based economy. The increasing demand for food due to population growth, the increasing use of biomass for non-food purposes and the competition for arable land requires considerable improvement of plant yield, yield stability and quality. This challenge is compounded by the scarcity of resources, land degradation, climate change and the requirements for sustainability.

There is a need for large scale and long term integrated laboratory work, greenhouse and field experiments. Whereas much progress has been made in developing genetic high-throughput tools, the progress in the quantitative analyses of the plant structural and functional properties – plant phenotyping - is lacking behind, particularly for crops. The major challenge is now to address multi-scale phenotyping for analyzing genotype performance under diverse environmental conditions and quantify the diversity of traits contributing to performance in each environmental scenario, i.e. plant architecture, major functions, yield components and quality.

Improvement of plant performance under changing climates requires the use of different categories of infrastructure, which can and should be combined together with a coordinated infrastructure for storing and analyzing data, and with platforms for plant/crop modelling associated with phenotyping platforms.

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EMPHASIS is an ESFRI listed project supported by the European Union