EMPHASIS on the ESFRI Roadmap

The strategy of the EMPHASIS project is the development and implementation of a pan-European plant phenotyping infrastructure to make it available and accessible to a wide user community in Europe.

 ESFRI Roadmap

EMPHASIS Preparatory Phase

The Preparatory Phase of EMPHASIS (EU funded project EMPHASIS-PREP, submitted in June 2016) aims at bringing the EMPHASIS project to the level of legal, financial, and technical maturity required for implementation. EMPHASIS-PREP will provide the basis for the establishment the legal framework, the business plan and preparation of an information system for a sustainable and innovative pan-European infrastructure for plant phenotyping.

EMPHASIS-PREP will establish a transparent, open and inclusive process, the project partners will work  in close cooperation with the European plant phenotyping community and all stakeholders to address the four major steps of EMPHASIS-PREP:

ESFRI, the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures, identifies research infrastructure of pan-European importance that correspond to the long-term needs of the European research communities, covering all scientific areas, necessary to strengthen scientific excellence and competitiveness in the EU. To be listed on the ESFRI roadmap, the proposal for EMPHASIS was submitted by the German and Franch ESFRI delegation with 4 participating countries including 14 institutions. Additional 5 countries had provided political support, and research organizations from additional 9 countries supported EMPHASIS.

EMPHASIS was listed on the ESFRI roadmap 2016 for Research Infrastructures, published on March 10, 2016. The 2016 Roadmap consists of 21 ESFRI Projects having a high degree of maturity - including 6 new Projects - and 29 ESFRI Landmarks - RIs that reached the implementation phase by the end of 2015. EMPHASIS was one of the new projects which were selected for the roadmap as new research infrastructures.

  1. mapping (infrastructure, funders, access procedure and models, stakeholder community, e-infrastructure, imaging approaches, legal and governance scenarios);
  2. gapping - analysing the gaps and limitations based on the mapping activities;
  3. developing strategies to address the gaps;
  4. combining the strategies in a business plan for future operation of EPMPHASIS within a corresponding legal framework.

EPMPHASIS-PREP members will include the diverse plant phenotyping expertise and community in Europe combined in the EMPHASIS-Support Group. The EMPHASIS-Support Group consists of representatives of communities in plant phenotyping in member states interested in EMPHASIS. As country representatives, they inform and include their national plant phenotyping community in the process to design and set-up EMPHASIS. In that context, EMPHASIS-Support Group plays an essential role to address the national and European plant phenotyping community at large.


EMPHASIS is an ESFRI listed project supported by the European Union

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