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17.09.2017 - 21.09.2017 – Kiel, Germany

Botanikertagung 2017

The Botanikertagung is an International Conference on Plant Sciences that will next be held in Kiel, Germany, 2017 from September 17 to 21. The conference comprises four days of exciting presentations, including keynote lectures, poster sessions and workshops. An evening lecture open to the public will address the suitability of our crop plants for feeding the increasing world population.


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25.09.2017 - 27.09.2017 – Gatersleben, Germany

Plant 2030 Academy: GCBN de.NBI User Training - Summer School 2017

The Summer School in Gatersleben September 25-27 is organized in collaboration with the German Crop BioGreenformatics Network of the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure (GCBN/de.NBI). The course provides hands-on introduction to useful bioinformatics tools for biologists with little or no previous knowledge. The training will enable biologists to process their own small and large datasets using R and Linux based methods and is entirely computer-based with interspersed lectures.


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29.09.2017 - 30.09.2017 – Novi Sad, Serbia

COST WG1 / EPPN2020 Workshop: Current and Future Applications of Phenotyping for Plant Breeding

Current and future applications of phenotyping for plant breeding

Plants develop by a complex interaction of genotypes with the environments which determines their structure and function and thus essential performance parameters such as yield, productivity or efficient use of resources. To understand these fundamental processes we need to quantitatively assess the phenotype and generate a link to the genotype in order to understand the genetic basis.

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12.10.2017 - 13.10.2017 – Vienna, Austria

APPN Workshop on Multispectral 3D Plant Imaging

The workshop is powered by PHENOSPEX and will take place October 12th & 13th 2017 at the Vienna Biocenter. Registration DEADLINE for scanning your samples: 1st Sept 2017.

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06.11.2017 - 09.11.2017 – Budapest, Hungary

4th Conference of Cereal Biotechnology and Breeding jointly organized by EUCARPIA Cereal Section

The 4th Conference of Cereal Biotechnology and Breeding jointly organized with the EUCARPIA Cereals Section will be held in Budapest, Hungary from 6 to 9 November 2017.

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21.11.2017 - 23.11.2017 – Tartu, Estonia

Plant Phenotyping Workshop: Integrating the European Plant Phenotyping Community

The workshop is supported by EMPHASIS, EPPN2020, and ECOLCHANGE

Plants develop by a complex interaction of genotypes with the environments. The need to characterize the phenotype is essential to understand fundamental processes which determine the structure and function of plants in particular in times of climate change. While significant progress has been made in molecular methods in recent years and the genomes of several plants have been sequenced this knowledge is not sufficient to simulate the phenotype of a plant without knowing the history and the dynamic interaction of the plant with its environment. Thus, plant phenotyping - quantitative analysis of structure and function of plants - has become the major bottleneck and, quantitative information on genotype-environment relations is the key to address future challenges.

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22.11.2017 - 24.11.2017 – Toulouse, France

MixOmics Autumn School 2017

Are you struggling with understanding and analyzing large and complex biological data sets? The Toulouse GenoToul Biostat platform and the Unité de Glycobiologie Structurale et Fonctionnelle UMR 8576 CNRS/Université Lille 1 are organizing an Autumn School within the EU COST Action “The quest for tolerant varieties: phenotyping at plant and cellular level (FA1306). The course will provide both theory and hands-on training focusing on multivariate data analysis and dimension data reduction for biological studies.

18.06.2018 - 21.06.2018 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Plant Biology Europe 2018 FESPB/EPSO

Plant Biology Europe is the biggest of its kind in Europe. With a multidisciplinary approach to plant science in a global context, the conference aims to collect speakers and presentations that cover wide ranging scientific and policy related themes within plant science, thereby showcasing state-of-the-art scientific developments and contributions to policy shaping towards plants science at the European and national levels.

PBE is a biennial event, taking place next time in June of 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark. PBE is jointly organized by FESBP and EPSO, as a result of a merger between the previous individual EPSO and FESPB conferences.

Learn more about the scientific programme, social events, and the venue in Copenhagen.


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EMPHASIS is an ESFRI listed project supported by the European Union

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