26.11.2020 - 27.11.2020 – Online

A world in transition: Journey towards a sustainable future


FACCE-JPI 10 Year Event: Back to the past to restore the future

FACCE-JPI celebrates its ten year anniversary with a high-level science-policy discussion on 26 & 27 November 2020   Building on its 10 years’ experience and results, the Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) engages policy makers, stakeholders and researchers to debate on new paths to assure food production, set scientific priorities and define knowledge-based policies in the celebratory event “A world in transition: Journey towards a sustainable future”.

This gathering, to be hold virtually, aims to display unexplored pathways and to establish priorities for a needed social debate, European future research and innovation actions, and policymaking.

Two days and three sessions for a sustainable world

Scientists, Member States and European Commission policy makers, and other stakeholders will exchange their knowledge and views for a constructive debate. 

The first session on 26 November consists of a EURACTIV Virtual Conference sponsored by FACCE-JPI.  The discussion will deal with the way to change the European food system taking into account elements such as the European resources, resilience, production, consumption, consumer choices and geographical balance.

The second and third session will be on 27 November and are organised by FACCE-JPI. The second session focuses on the science and impact resulting from the research done under the auspices of FACCE-JPI and travels into the future with the presentation of the new FACCE-JPI Strategic Research Agenda, made public in conjunction with with the event.   The third session concentrates on the path from science to policy and the need for a reinforced European Research Area (ERA) to support knowledge-based decision-making.

FACCE-JPI updated vision for the next decade states “A European Research Area addressing sustainable and resilient agricultural production systems to provide adequate and nutritious food and to contribute to a climate neutral Europe by 2050.” The ongoing sustainability transition cannot wait. We welcome you to engage with us in the debates on the 26th and 27th of November 2020!


Practical information

Keep an eye on the event page on the FACCE-JPI website. Registration will open soon. If you would like to be sure of receiving information please subscribe to the FACCE-JPI distribution list!

Thursday 26 November 14:00-15:30 CET

EURACTIV Virtual Conference
The European Food System: the transition towards sustainability and climate mitigation.

Friday 27 November 10:00-12:30 CET

FACCE-JPI Scientific Debate
The critical role of science: Learning from the past to cope with future challenges.

Friday 27 November 14:00-16:30 CET

FACCE-JPI Science to Policy Debate
Science, the cornerstone of future European policies: Working for a strong European Research Area.


More Information & Registration

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