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How can you get involved?

EMPHASIS is an organisation that will enable researchers to use facilities, resources and services for plant phenotyping across Europe. To this end, we work closely with researchers from academia and industry to foster use of plant phenotyping for excellent science.

EMPHASIS is currently in the preparatory phase, and you can already participate in several ways:

  • Find an overview of the rich plant phenotyping landscape in Europe within the EMPHASIS plant phenotyping landscape map. This map informs plant phenotyping stakeholders in Europe about existing plant phenotyping installations and opportunities for research.
  • Make use of our modelling pilot Quantitative Plant, which offers image analysis software tools and models for plants.
  • Get in touch with the Support Group members of your country. They form the link between national communities and EMPHASIS, providing input towards on the respective country’s expectations and informing the community about EMPHASIS developments.


Why should you get involved?

EMPHASIS will provide a number of benefits to you:

  • Access to hitherto not available infrastructures to address your scientific research question
  • Access to high quality data that follow common experimental and data standards to develop and validate your models, perform meta studies, test your hypothesis etc.
  • Access to a network of potential collaborators and expertise for your future research proposals and projects
  • Network to present and discuss your research at conferences, workshops, round table discussions, innovation events etc.
  • Support in translational research fostering knowledge and technology transfer
  • Engagement in development of common experimental and data standards
  • EMPHASIS will foster the development of infrastructure that is demanded by your research questions
  • Education and training on different aspect of plant phenotyping

How can you get involved?

 EMPHASIS is an organisation that will enable researchers to use facilities, resources and services for plant phenotyping across Europe. To this end, we work closely with experts operating phenotyping installations. EMPHASIS is currently in the preparatory phase, and you can already now participate in several ways:

  • Subscribe to our newsletter, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook pages to be kept in the loop regarding new developments within EMPHASIS and the European plant phenotyping communities and be informed about upcoming events.


Why should you get involved?

EMPHASIS will provide a number of benefits to your facility:

  • Participating in EMPHASIS will attract new users and new partners for joint projects.
  • Your installation can participate in a European-wide excellence-driven access procedure, attracting additional users, increasing your visibility and supporting research quality.
  • You and your users can utilize synergies related to common experimental and data standards.
  • You can benefit from EMPHASIS engaging and attracting industry to plant phenotyping installations.
  • Through EMPHASIS you can get access to cutting-edge and affordable technology.
  • EMPHASIS will raise awareness for the relevance of plant phenotyping with funders, policy makers and the broader public, providing a platform for you to bring in your perspective on the future development of European plant phenotyping towards these stakeholders.
  • EMPHASIS will support you in building up and sustaining competences for operating your facility.

How can you get involved?

Please contact our Coordination and Support Office ( We will then provide you directly with the latest information on the process of establishing EMPHASIS and clarify the involvement of your country in this process.


Why should you get involved?

By getting involved now, you can ensure that your country’s interests are taken into account during the development of EMPHASIS. You can bring in the perspective and expectations of your country on strategic aspects of how EMPHASIS should be operated. These aspects comprise all parts of the EMPHASIS business plan, including user strategy (service portfolio and benefit generation), governance, organisational policies, legal framework, cost models, funding framework, and implementation plan.

Furthermore, if your country recognises the strategic importance of EMPHASIS and declares its willingness to work towards the setup of EMPHASIS, it is requested to have a respective Letter of Intent signed. This letter does not create any legally binding obligations to the signatories, but enables the participation in the decision making on the EMPHASIS business case. The EMPHASIS Coordination and Support Office will provide the Letter of Intent upon request.


Where does EMPHASIS currently stand, and how did it get there?

EMPHASIS is still in the preparatory phase, which is funded by the European Commission via Horizon 2020 (Grant Agreement: 739514). This preparatory phase project (EMPHASIS-PREP) has so far mapped and analysed the plant phenotyping landscape in Europa by an open, transparent and participatory process involving all relevant stakeholders. Based on these results, it has developed multiple strategic options for EMPHASIS implementation and operation as part of the current business plan draft.

Thus far, EMPHASIS has organised three official meetings with national ministries interested in moving EMPHASIS smoothly, efficiently and timely towards operation. These meetings have provided a platform to discuss the strategic options developed by EMPHASIS-PREP. They will be followed by a further meeting in April 2020, during which further decisions will be made. Countries interested in joining these discussions will be provided with documents for these meetings upon request towards the Coordination and Support Office.

Check out our flyer to get an overview of our vision and objectives and how EMPHASIS aims to contribute to internatial missions such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal

All European countries are invited to join.

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How can you get involved?

A key goal for EMPHASIS is to foster advances in both plant breeding and the technologies and methods needed to support effective phenotyping. The EMPHASIS partners represent a significant market for those technologies, and the EMPHASIS Directory aims to provides opportunities for companies to create new business opportunities within Europe and find new clients in other European countries.


Why should you get involved?

EMPHASIS is a pan-European research infrastructure providing services around plant phenotyping to an international community of several thousand scientists and breeders. EMPHASIS has also developed strong visibility with political decision makers at national and European levels, as well as the broader public.

EMPHASIS will provide a number of benefits to you:

  • Be included in the EMPHASIS Industry Directory (free of charge)
  • Gain visibility with decision makers at national and European level
  • Be invited to future seminars, conferences and workshops to meet with our members and enlarge your professional network
  • Connect with our international community – a significant market for phenotyping technologies
  • Find new clients and business opportunities in other European countries
  • Gain visibility with the broader public

How can you get involved?

EMPHASIS is a European research infrastructure, an organisation that enables researchers to use facilities, resources and services for plant phenotyping across Europe. Plant phenotyping is a scientific approach to study plant behaviour under different environmental conditions and to relate this behaviour to genetic information.

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If you have any questions, comments or ideas please contact the EMPHASIS Coordination and Support Office.

Why do we need EMPHASIS?

EMPHASIS will enable researchers to make the most of resources in order to study how to improve plant production in times of a changing climate. This is beneficial to everyone, because public resources will be used more efficiently and because it will help to secure future food supplies.

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