Plant Phenotyping Industry

The EMPHASIS Directory provides an open platform for plant phenotyping related companies in Europe.

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List of plant phenotyping companies

Sector Name Location City
Breeding APSOV sementi Italy Voghera
Breeding Enza Zaden Netherlands Enkhuizen
Breeding ISI SEMENTI SPA Italia Fidenza
Data Management Alteia France Labège
Data Management Itility bv Netherlands Eindhoven
Food Production and Processing Barilla G. e R. Fratelli Italy Parma
Phenotyping Services HIPHEN France Avignon
Phenotyping Services KeyGene N.V. Netherlands Wageningen
Phenotyping Services PHOTOSYNQ INC United States of America East Lansing
Phenotyping Services Specialty Lighting Holland B.V. Netherlands Bunnik
Phenotyping Services Syngenta Netherlands Enkhuizen
Tech Developers BioSense Institute Serbia Novi Sad
Tech Developers Flier Systems BV Netherlands Barendrecht
Tech Developers HAIP Solutions GmbH Germany Hannover
Tech Developers SUPERELECTRIC srl Italy Tempio Pausania
Tech Suppliers Aris B.V. Netherlands Eindhoven
Tech Suppliers Fluence by OSRAM Netherlands Rotterdam
Tech Suppliers LemnaTec GmbH Germany Aachen
Tech Suppliers OPTOmachines France Riom
Tech Suppliers Phenospex Netherlands Heerlen
Tech Suppliers PhenoVation Netherlands Wageningen
Tech Suppliers Plant-Ditech Ltd Israel Rehovot
Tech Suppliers PSI (Photon System Instruments) Czech Republic Drasov
Tech Suppliers Spectro-AG Netherlands Bentelo