Criteria List for a Pan-European Plant Phenotyping Research Infrastructure

The objective of EMPHASIS-prep is to develop a long-term, distributed, pan-European infrastructure for state-of-the-art plant phenotyping experimental platforms which aims to improve crop performance to cope with climate change and to keep pace with population growth. To tackle these global challenges, novel approaches to identify improved plant phenotypes and explain the genetic basis of agriculturally important traits are required. New and existing plant phenotyping platforms use non-destructive, image-analysis based determination of the phenotype of plants and allow for characterization of plant traits. 

The criteria list was developed in discussion with the plant phenotyping community and by mapping the existing and upcoming infrastructures in pan-Europe. Multiple workshops have been organized to this end in different regions of Europe. Plant scientists from these regions were asked to present their plant phenotyping infrastructures and activities. 

The result of mapping the pan-Europe state-of-the-art infrastructures, the criteria list of EMPHASIS has been defined and subdivided into five pillars, described below:. 

Pillar 1: Plant phenotyping in (semi-)controlled conditions

Pillar 2: Intensive field experiments

Pillar 3: Field trials with precise environmental monitoring equipment,

Pillar 4: Modelling platforms

Pillar 5: Plant phenotyping information systems

The current criteria list presents the current status of the ongoing participation and discussion with the plant phenotyping community in the development of EMPHASIS. It is thus still open for modifications in the course of ongoing stakeholder engagement. This document is intended to inform about the criteria of the research infrastructure of EMPHASIS. In conclusion, EMPHASIS-PREP is open for discussion on the content of the criteria list and welcomes feedback on this document from all plant phenotyping researchers. The criteria list has the intention to inform a range of different stakeholders including scientist and policy makers.

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