EMPHASIS at the ENVRI Dissemination Day


EMPHASIS participated in the ENVRI-Plus dissemination conference

At the ENVRI Science Fair, held at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels on 4 June 2019, EMPHASIS presented the progress of the project.he purpose of the event was to showcase the European environmental research infrastructures’ contribution to the global Earth Observations, discuss the ENVRIplus results and look ahead to the future of the ENVRI community, as cluster for environmental Research infrastructures working towards an integrated Earth system science. During this event, different stakeholders within the environmental sciences were present, including policymakers from the European Commission, and researchers of a wide range of environmental research infrastructures in Europe.

During the following ENVRI Board on 5 June, the 27 participating Research Infrastructures agreed on the necessity to continue their collaboration and signing a Letter of Intent to create a sustainable form of cooperation.


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