Strategies of the European infrastructures EMPHASIS and ELIXIR



Data standards and Information Systems: strategies of the European infrastructures EMPHASIS and ELIXIR

EMPHASIS and ELIXIR are two ESFRI infrastructures dedicated to Phenomics and Data sharing and integration respectively.

Representatves from ELXIR and EMPHASIS have met recently to:

  1. clarify the strategies and respective roles of both infrastructure in data management, from data production to analyses and publication;
  2. look for complementarities, common tasks, in particular the joint work for MIAPPE (Minimum Information about a Plant Phenotyping Experiment) and strategies regarding calls;
  3.  set the bases for the establishment of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two infrastructures and
  4. potentially write a paper published in an academic journal, similar to that presenting complementarities between the ESFRI infrastructures AnaEE and EMPHASI

Read the EMPHASIS and ELIXIR report


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