The Italian plant phenotyping landscape and the other international initiatives
5 - 6 September 2018, Metaponto - Matera

5 - 6 September 2018, Metaponto - Matera

Phen-Italy, in collaboration with EMPHASIS and EPPN 2020, has organized a Workshop dedicate to ”The Italian plant phenotyping landscape and the other international initiatives” that will be held in Metaponto and Matera on 5-6 September 2018.
Research Infrastructures (RI) are relevant to foster both public and industrial research activities in order to sustain economic development. Phen-Italy, the Italian Plant Phenotyping consortium, gathers the national scientific community that is developing and using high throughput phenotyping RI, with the principal node in Basilicata. Phen-Italy represents the Italian Plant Phenotyping Network.
The Workshop is structured in three sessions. The first one aims at presenting the Joint Research Unit Phen-Italy and its activities in a national and international plant phenotyping context. In particular, a special focus will be  dedicated to the interaction between the plant phenotyping research and other European initiatives concerning integrated infrastructure such as AnaEE, Elixir, Icos and Lifewatch where some concrete and fruitful research interaction are possible.
The second session is dedicated to the international dimension of plant phenotyping. Specifically, some networks and initiatives, such as EMPHASIS, IPPN and EPPN 2020 will be introduced and some scientific insights will be presented by outstanding speakers.
The third session focuses on the interest of private sector in the plant phenotyping sector and the innovative interactions with the research community.

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Speakers include:
Francesco Cellini (Alsia Agrobios), Carlo Calfapietra (ICOS Italia), Fabio Fiorani (FZJ), Francesco Loreto (CNR), Giorgio Matteucci (Lifewatch Italia), Franco Miglietta (AnaEE Italia), José Luis Araus Ortega (Univ. Barcelona), Domenico Romaniello (ALSIA), Ulrich Schurr (EMPHASIS, FZJ), Jörg-Peter Schnitzler (HZM), Francois Tardieu (EPPN2020, INRA), Giorgio Valle (Elixir Italia) and Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research representatives, Basilicata Region representatives and Phen-Italy Members.

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For information: Silvana Moscatelli,, tel. 06 4993 2030
Federica Tenaglia,, tel. 06 4993 7841
Scientific Committee: Francesco Cellini, Francesco Loreto, Michela Janni
Organising Committee: Silvana Moscatelli, Federica Tenaglia


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