WP2: Infrastructure setup, operation and funding

The overall objectives of Work package 2 ’Infrastructure setup, operation and funding’ are to establish criteria for plant phenotyping installations in a sustainable operation of EMPHASIS, map the available and upcoming plant phenotyping installations, and define structural and financial infrastructure development.

To accomplish this WP2 will:

  • develop and implement a criteria list as a detailed description of plant phenotyping infrastructures within the scope of EMPHASIS, all which can be divided into five major pillars of plant phenotyping infrastructure:
    • plant phenotyping in (semi-)controlled conditions in glasshouse and growth chamber, often using automation;
    • intensive field experiments with semi-environmental controlled field activities or in highly equipped field sites;
    • field sites with minimal equipment, which could be combined in a network of fields with different environmental conditions;
    • modelling platforms to support plant phenotyping data analysis;
    • information systems for plant phenotyping data management supporting open science.
  • map the upcoming and existing plant phenotyping infrastructure in pan-Europe as basis for establishment, accessibility and interoperability of plant phenotyping infrastructures. The results will be published online in a virtual map and a detailed database that will include locations, capabilities, imaging methods, throughput, environmental monitoring and many more details of the installations.
  • preform a gapping analysis to find limitations in the current plant phenotyping landscape in pan-Europe and identify potential methods to cope with these limitations.
  • assess the life cycle of installations by means of a qualification process for installations of the future distributed plant phenotyping infrastructure EMPHASIS, and develop procedures to upgrade, exclude or decommission installations.
  • integrate criteria and operation of infrastructures with available funding models.

Work Package participants: VIB (lead), JUELICH, INRA, CNR, UNOTT, WR, UCL

Contact: Merlijn Morisse, Stijn Dhondt