Data & Computational Services

EMPHASIS aims to create centralized access to phenotyping data by building and integrating compatible, consistent information systems. EMPHASIS will provide methods and interfaces for interoperability of datasets to manage, share, reuse and visualize heterogeneous, high-throughput plant phenotyping data stemming from different sources often in an interdisciplinary context.

The main objective is that datasets are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR standard) in such a way that the datasets can be analyzed by several groups inside and outside EMPHASIS. This requires software interfaces providing different levels of access to different users to allow a data analysis in relation to environmental conditions.

In addition, data organization and storage needs to be done in a secure way over long term periods, the data can be interpreted in a biological context and used for meta-analyses of experiments. The basic ontology of objects defined in EMPHASIS is described in the ontology of objects involved in phenotyping.