EXTERNALDEVLOPMENT ACCESS (EDA) based on calls published by EMPHASIS. Specifically academia or companies developing technologies will be addressed.

INTERNAL DEVELOPMENT ACCESS (IDA) will be implemented to enhance the facilities, align processes and provide services at different locations within the network. Internal development access is thus a means of developing a common technological portfolio, cross-compatability, disseminate expert knowledge, developeing career options for researcher and co-develop technologies and protocols between the EURO-IPPS partners – to be formulated witin the preparatory phase project and in the corresponding detailed business plan of EMPHASIS.

USE ACCESS (UA) will be granted following calls addressing researchers from non-EMPHASIS partners as well as EMPHASIS partner institutions.

DISSEMINATION ACCESS (DisA) will be given upon specific calls for education and training programs. EMPHASIS will also provide training courses (e-learing, at EMPHASIS sites and at external sites). EMPHASIS shall also provide funding for feasibility studies from EEMPHASIS members providing access to technology, protocols, models and concepts outside of EURO-IPPS sites, provided that a dissemination interest can be shown in joint proposals of of inernal and external proposers.

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EMPHASIS is an ESFRI listed project supported by the European Union