Data Storage

Within many phenotyping experiments one has to distinguish between the raw and the extracted data. In the simplest case the raw data are images and extracted data, e.g. biomass. When talking about phenotyping experiments most often only the latter data is used for practical purposes in downstream applications. However in any case the raw data needs to be kept for later as well to allow reanalysis of the raw data using better algorithms. In any case the algorithm and software to extract data will be achieved as well for data reproducibility reasons. Within EMPHASIS forward looking strategies will be developed to discern whether original raw data is to be achieved or as in the case of e.g., sequencing experiments only evaluated raw data should be used for long term maintainance. 

Also -where available- EMPHASIS will upload data to centralized and established data storage platforms to benefit the community as a whole. This is particularly the case for Genomic and Transcriptomic experiments to be distributed via the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) where clear standards and requirements exist. As however no centralized phenotyping repository exists as of yet, the EMPHASIS partners will built on their data storage systems already established from own resources allowing the storage of several petabyte of data across the partners which is backed by professional data management and back up strategies. In addition the European Grid architecture will be used. Due to the common development of APIs and the commitment to make data traceable, sustainable and discoverable, EMPHASIS will thus safeguard data availability.

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EMPHASIS is an ESFRI listed project supported by the European Union