Currently, many plant-phenotyping databases and solutions exist and several state of the art analysis tools have been developed. However, a major problem is the lack of commonly accepted standards, ontologies or APIs which need to be defined to allow cross-site phenotyping approaches and most efficient use of resources. Furthermore, novel challenges are foreseen in the area of whole genome integration and novel image extraction algorithms.

EMPHASIS aims at a development of an integrated information system by establishing a Data Management Plan in which the local information systems need to be integrated via well-established methods and interfaces to manage, share, reuse and visualize high throughput plant phenotyping data stemming from different types of platforms. Key features are to allow data mining and common analysis between platforms in controlled conditions and field platforms, and to interface phenotypic datasets with e.g. (i) crop modelling infrastructures involved in EMPHASIS, (ii) genotypic platforms (e.g. ELIXIR).



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EMPHASIS is an ESFRI listed project supported by the European Union