EPPN2020  is a reseach infrastructure project funded by Horizon 2020 Programme of the EU that will provide European public and private scientific sectors with access to a wide range of state-of-the-art plant phenotyping facilities, techniques and methods, and help boost the exploitation of genetic and genomic resources available for crop improvement that represents a major scientific challenge for this coming decade.

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This EU funded project with 14 partners established a network that provides a structured and efficient development of a competitive plant phenotyping community in Europe. EPPN partners undertook a joint research program and offer access to their phenotyping infrastructure to peer-reviewed projects defined by users. EPPN has successfully ended its operation as a I3-project, enabling 66 diverse experiments.

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COST Action

EU COST action ‘The quest for tolerant varieties: phenotyping at plant and cellular level (FA1306). This Action creates a network of European scientists with expertise on phenotyping, various -omics areas and/or physiology to (re)discover tolerant varieties and to understand tolerance. It fosters discussions and conceptual development of new tools in phenotyping by integrating information from the cellular level to the whole plant level.

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The International Plant Phenotyping Network (IPPN) is a non-profit association representing the major plant phenotyping centers. IPPN aims to provide all relevant information about plant phenotyping. The goal is to increase the visibility and impact of plant phenotyping and enable cooperation by fostering communication between stakeholders in academia, industry, government, and the general public. Through workshops and symposia, IPPN seeks to establish different working groups and distribute all relevant information about plant phenotyping in a web-based platform.

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EMPHASIS is an ESFRI listed project supported by the European Union

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