EMPHASIS is member of the ENVRIplus cluster project, which is a Horizon 2020 project bringing together Environmental and Earth System Research Infrastructures, projects and networks together with technical specialist partners to create a more coherent, interdisciplinary and interoperable cluster of Environmental Research Infrastructures across Europe.

Emphasis will contribute to the following Themes and Work Packages of ENVRIPlus:

T2: Data for science

Emphasis develops an e‐infrastructure for plant phenotyping data stemming from different types of platforms, taking into account the full data cycle and enabling its management, sharing, reusing and visualisation. EMPHASIS activities to that end could well contribute to the aims of WP5, 7 and 9.

T3: Access to Research Infrastructures

Emphasis aims at providing sustainable access to plant phenotyping infrastructures, based on access policies and user needs. EMPHASIS could thus especially contribute to the strategy development of WP 10 ‐ Governance based on this expertise and experience.

T5: Knowledge transfer

Emphasis aims at increasing the impact of plant phenotyping infrastructures by optimizing the development, operation and use of plant phenotyping infrastructures throughout Europe. One key aspect with that regard will be the increase of competences at the infrastructures, but also on the side of infrastructure users. To that end, EMPHASIS develops exchange programms and training courses and would like to contribute to WP 15 (Training) and WP 16 (Staff exchange).


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EMPHASIS is an ESFRI listed project supported by the European Union