IPPS Research Topic in frontiers


IPPS 2022 - Plant Phenotyping for a Sustainable Future: IPPN, together with WUR, has launched a research theme on borders.

This Research Topic aims to collect selected contributions from attendees and members of the research community of IPPS 2022, the 7th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium, which was held in Wageningen, Netherlands (September 26-30 2022). Spontaneous submissions are also welcome. Submissions will be open following the conference.

Plants are a vital aspect of and a venue for addressing the challenges facing our planet. The need for renewable energy sources and a reliable food/feed supply as well as ways to manage resource and materials scarcity and climate change are among the challenges that we can address with plants. Integrating plant systems approaches, from molecular to organismal to field applications, is necessary to develop sustainable production with higher yields using limited land, water, and nutrients and to improve the characteristics required for the traditional and novel use of plants for the future.

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