EMPHASIS Preparatory Phase Partnership

EMPHASIS-PREP conducts an open, transparent and participatory consultation and discussion process over the entire duration of the project involving as defined in the EMPHASIS Policy Manifesto including:
  • EMPHASIS–PREP Group Members

wirh participants of the preparatory Phase project (EMPHASIS-PREP) who will manage and coordinate the legal, financial and technical tasks defined in the Work Packages by including the diverse plant phenotyping expertise and community in Europe in close cooperation with the EMPHASIS-Support Group (EMPHASIS-SG)

  • EMPHASIS–PREP Support Group

with representatives of the national communities of plant phenotyping interested in EMPHASIS. They inform and include their national plant phenotyping community in the process to design and set-up EMPHASIS. Each representative commits to support the development of EMPHASIS based on a mandate from their national plant phenotyping community by signing the so-called Policy.

  • Ministry Mirror Group

with senior officials or representatives of the EMPHASIS partner countries. The Ministry Mirror Group Board (Min-MG) will be extended with the maturation of the project to include ministries of the countries working towards EMPHASIS (under construction).

  • Funders Board

consisting of funding bodies for all relevant activities of EMPHASIS, including technology development as well as national and international research (under construction).

  • Industry Advisory Board

as an industry group that will provide support by defining the needs and requirements of industrial technology developer as well as industrial user of PPI such as seed companies (under construction)