EMPHASIS-PREP is currently developing and implementing concrete pilot services according to identified usage needs in order to test and adapt services at an early stage and to demonstrate the benefits of European cooperation in parallel. The aim is to establish pilot services with benefits for as many stakeholders as possible.

  • In particular, in cooperation with the EU-funded I3 project EPPN2020, a transparent, scientifically guided access to 31 phenotyping platforms in Europe was created. This also serves as an extended pilot service to further develop the process of access to infrastructures (based on the process established in the EPPN project). The management of Transnational Access is located in Jülich.
  • EMPHASIS is developing targeted synergies with other ESFRI projects within several cluster projects.
  • EMPHASIS is also stongly involved in an intense discussion with the plant phenotyping community on a global scale within the framework of the International Plant Phenotyping Network.
  • Additionally, bilateral collaboration has been established with the ESFRI projects  ELIXIR and AnaEE.