WP3: User demand, orientation and communication

Within the preparatory phase of EMPHASIS, WP3 aims at developing communication with all relevant stakeholders, users, and the public, in order to raise knowledge of plant phenotyping, to the benefit of plant sciences and forward-looking agriculture. WP3 also assists with user orientation, and analyses user needs and demands in the plant phenotyping sector.

 The dynamic development of the demand, in particular, represents a challenge for an infrastructural programme. During 2017 and 2018, WP3 participated in a series of EMPHASIS events, and developed surveys dedicated to map and engage new stakeholders. These actions delivered important information about stakeholders and their needs.

 Based on the largely different needs of EMPHASIS users, WP3 has identified the most appropriate key messages and dedicated channels in order to optimize external and internal communication. WP3 also developed and delivered specific tools that will help orienting stakeholders and users towards the most correct, suitable, and effective use of plant phenotyping infrastructures and technologies, to meet their diverse demands across space and time.

 Linking with the communication activities of other ESFRI projects, WP3 participates to the ESFRI project clusters CORBEL (EMPHASIS being a full project partner of CORBEL) and ENVRIplus, where it contributes to promote the scope of the project, and interaction with other ESFRI infrastructures. Close interactions were already established with the ESFRI projects AnaEE , ELIXIR and METROFOOD.

Communicaion tools

Work Package participants: CNR (lead), INRA, JUELICH, VIB, UNOTT, WR, UCL.

Contacts: Francesco Loreto, Silvana Moscatelli, Michela Janni