WP6: Business Plan

Work Package 6 coordinates the development of strategic options for implementing and operating EMPHASIS as an organisation that will generate target specific benefits for users of EMPHASIS services. To that end, it builds on the work of the Work Packages 2 – 6 and uses their results as a basis to generate the core product “business plan” of the EMPHASIS preparatory project. The strategic options will be developed in a concerted effort with all stakeholders from the scientific community (academia and industry), funding agencies and ministries, and research infrastructure management experts, and proposed towards national ministries of interested countries that will be the future legal owners of EMPHASIS.

To that end, Work Package 6 takes into account the extensive experiences made on developing and implementing research infrastructure business plans since the first ESFRI roadmap 2006, among others via:

This work package helps to form the European research infrastructure landscape by identifying and using synergies and thus reduce costs for national funders, enabling cross-domain approaches towards scientific challenges and increasing the visibility of research infrastructures in cluster projects.

Policy makers and funders are also supported by information and expertise provided by this work package towards (research and innovation) policy related aspects. For that purpose, EMPHASIS-Prep experts support and contribute to several projects that

  • provide knowledge on harmonisation and synchronisation of priority-setting, funding evaluation and life-cycle management of EU Research Infrastructures at European and national level (regional dimension will be integrated through smart specialisation strategies) (InRoad);
  • map the international landscape of research infrastructures (RISCAPE);
  • develop a model describing the socio-economic impact of research infrastructures (RIs) and their related financial investments (RIPATHS).

Work Package participants: BBSRC, FZJ (lead).

Contacts: Roland Pieruschka, Sven Fahrner