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The European Infrastructure for Multi-scale Plant Phenomics and Simulation (EMPHASIS) is a distributed Research Infrastructure with the aim to develop and provide access to facilities and services that address multi-scale plant phenotyping in different agro-climatic scenarios in Europe. EMPHASIS will establish an integrated European phenotyping infrastructure to analyse genotype performance under diverse environmental conditions and quantify the diversity of traits contributing to performance in these diverse environmental scenarios such as plant sructure and architecture, major physiological functions and output, yield and its components and quality. EMPHASIS aims to address the technological and organizational limits of European plant phenotyping, for a full exploitation of genetic and genomic resources available and essential for crop improvement in times of changing climate. EMPHASIS was listed in the ESFRI Roadmap in 2016, EMPHASIS has started the Preparatory Phase in 2017, it is expected to enter the Implementation Phase in 2019 and become operational in 2021 budling on competences such as the "Certificate of Excelence in Research Infrastructure Leadership" that was awarded to EMPHASIS within the framework of the RITrain Programs more details.


What is EMPHASIS doing?
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EMPHASIS Infrastructure

Phenotyping platforms for high resolution, high throughput phenomics
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Semi-controlled field systems for high throughput phenomics
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Network of practical field experiments for lean-phenotyping
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Modelling platforms
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Joint data management and e-infrastructure
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  • 05  May  2019

    Special Session: Sensor and Systems in Smart Farming

  • 07  May  2019

    EPPN2020 Training: Experimental design and statistical analysis of phenotyping platform experiments

    This course will discuss criteria for choosing a suitable experimental design for phenotyping experiments. Subsequently we will show options for analysing features extracted from phenotyping platforms.

  • 27  May  2019

    Transatlantic Summer School - Frontiers in Plant Sciences

  • 10  Jun  2019

    NordForsk supported Nova PhD course

  • 16  Jun  2019

    Computer Vision Problems in Plant Phenotyping (CVPPP 2019)

  • 25  Jun  2019

    4th International Brachypodium Conference


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  • 10  Apr  2019

    Read the ENVRIplus report on identification and citation service case studies

    The report “Inter RI data identification and citation services” from ENVRIplus, the cluster of European Environmental Research Infrastructures, provides a summary of three use cases related to data citation.

  • 26  Mar  2019

    EMPHASIS at the kick-off meeting of the Integrape COST action

    EMPHASIS discusses data management with the viticulture community.

  • 20  Mar  2019

    Kick-off of the EOSC-Life project

    EOSC-Life brings together the 13 Biological and Medical ESFRI research infrastructures (BMS RIs) to create an open collaborative space for digital biology.

  • 19  Mar  2019

    EMPHASIS integrating national plant phenotyping communities across Europe

    EMPHASIS has met with representatives of 24 national plant phenotyping communities in Europe.

  • 15  Mar  2019

    EMPHASIS awarded a Certificate of Excellence

    EMPHASIS has been recently rewarded a Certificate of Excellence in Research Infrastructure Leadership

  • 27  Feb  2019

    Kick-off of the RI-VIS project

    EMPHASIS joining forces with twelve European Research Infrastructures (RIs) to increase the visibility of RIs

  • 12  Feb  2019

    Launch Meeting of PhenomUK

    The newly-formed UK plant phenotyping network PhenomUK held its inaugural meeting at Rothamsted Research.

  • 27  Jan  2019

    MIAPPE version 1.1

     New version of MIAPPE published

  • 09  Jan  2019

    EMPHASIS as the EGU2019

    EMPHASIS and Environmental and Earth System Research Infrastructures at the ENVRI community booth at EGU 2019

  • 29  Nov  2018

    2nd CzPPN Meeting - Environmental simulation and indoor phenotyping

    The Czech Plant Phenotyping network held a second annual meeting at CEITEC in Brno.

  • 08  Oct  2018

    3rd Call for Transnational Access to the European Plant Phenotyping Network 2020

    Application deadline: 28th of January 2019

  • 13  Sep  2018

    Strategies of the European infrastructures EMPHASIS and ELIXIR

    Data standards and Information Systems: strategies of the European infrastructures EMPHASIS and ELIXIR

  • 07  Sep  2018

    Greece joins the EMPHAIS Support Group

    EMPHASIS welcomes Greece within the Support Group


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