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The European Infrastructure for Multi-Scale Plant Phenomics and Simulation (EMPHASIS) is a distributed Research Infrastructure with the aim to develop and provide access to facilities and services that address multi-scale plant phenotyping in different agro-climatic scenarios in Europe. EMPHASIS will establish an integrated European phenotyping infrastructure to analyse genotype performance under diverse environmental conditions and quantify the diversity of traits contributing to performance in these diverse environmental scenarios such as plant sructure and architecture, major physiological functions and output, yield and its components and quality. EMPHASIS aims to address the technological and organizational limits of European plant phenotyping, for a full exploitation of genetic and genomic resources available and essential for crop improvement in times of changing climate. EMPHASIS was listed in the ESFRI Roadmap in 2016, EMPHASIS has started the Preparatory Phase in 2017, it is expected to enter the Implementation Phase in 2019 and become operational in 2021 budling on competences such as the "Certificate of Excelence in Research Infrastructure Leadership" that was awarded to EMPHASIS within the framework of the RITrain Programs.

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What is EMPHASIS doing?
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Why do we need EMPHASIS?
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EMPHASIS Infrastructure

Phenotyping platforms for high resolution, high throughput phenomics
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Semi-controlled field systems for high throughput phenomics
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Network of practical field experiments for lean-phenotyping
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Modelling platforms
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Joint data management and e-infrastructure
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  • 02  Sep  2019

    Summer School: (Bio)Data-Science

  • 04  Sep  2019

    Plants, People, Planet Symposium

    The inaugural Plants, People, Planet symposium will highlight outstanding plant-based research in its broadest sense and celebrate everything new, innovative and exciting in plant sciences that is relevant to society and people’s daily lives.

  • 18  Sep  2019

    International Symposium on Integrative Bioinformatics 2019

  • 25  Sep  2019

    “Science is wonderful!” exhibition (25 – 26 September 2019)

    “Science is wonderful!” exhibition. Free and open to everybody.

  • 26  Sep  2019

    Business Day at Wageningen University & Research 

    On 26 September 2019, the Business Day will be held at Wageningen Campus. Developments in technology and new innovations will be key.

  • 07  Oct  2019

    XXIVth EUCARPIA Maize and Sorghum Conference

    Integrating quantitative and molecular genetics to develop new breeding methods in maize and sorghum

  • 13  Oct  2019

    VI Congress of the Serbian Genetic Society

  • 29  Oct  2019

    International Conference on Integrative Plant Physiology

    Abstract submission closes on 31st May 2019

  • 20  Nov  2019

    1st NordPlant Annual Meeting

    Tech Talks for Plant Phenotyping in the Nordic Countries

  • 25  Nov  2019

    H2020 DRAGON Training School

  • 25  Nov  2019




  • 02  Dec  2019

    International Symposium: Microbe-assisted crop production – opportunities, challenges and needs

  • 11  Jan  2020

    International Symposium of the Society for Plant Breeding: Digital Breeding

  • 11  Feb  2020

    Digital Breeding

    Symposium of the International Symposium of the Society for Plant Breeding

  • 22  Jun  2020

    Rooting 2020: 9th International Symposium on Root Development


All events


  • 15  Jul  2019

    Plant Biology Infrastructure Now Listed in Estonian Research Infrastructure Roadmap

    The Plant Biology infrastructure (TAIM) is part of the Estonian Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2019. TAIM facilitates the implementation of research-based smart practices for the efficient use of plants, expanding the application fields of plants and developing precise agriculture solutions in Estonia.

  • 15  Jul  2019

    Serbian Researchers Gain Transnational Access via EPPN2020

    Several Serbian institutes actively engage in the EPPN2020 programme for transnational access. 

  • 12  Jul  2019

    Summer School Imaging & Phenotyping in Wageningen, Netherlands

    Training for scientists from industry and academia

  • 11  Jul  2019

    Plans for a National Plant Phenotyping Infrastructure in Norway – PheNo

    Three of the leading plant science research institutions in Norway have joined forces to develop a roadmap for a national plant phenotyping infrastructure called PheNo.

  • 10  Jul  2019

    Second Official Belgian Plant Phenotyping Network Meeting

    On 27th March, the second official BPPN meeting took place at KU Leuven. 

  • 09  Jul  2019

    EMPHASIS at the FZJ Open Day

    As Forschungszentrum Juelich opened its gates for  28000 visitors last Sunday, EMPHASIS used the opportunity to explain to the general public why we need plant phenotyping.

  • 03  Jul  2019

    Workshop on Monitoring Research Infrastructure Methodology and Key Performance Indicators

    EMPHASIS is participating in an ESFRI workshop on 'Monitoring Research of Infrastructures Methodology and Key Performance Indicators' in an advisory capacity.

  • 19  Jun  2019

    International Collaboration for Training in Plant Phenotyping

    Basilicata Agency of Development and Innovation in Agriculture (ALSIA, Italy) and Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALMA, Peru) team up for a training course in plant phenotyping by imaging

  • 11  Jun  2019

    1st EMPHASIS Ministry Meeting

    Concrete steps towards the formal implementation phase

  • 18  May  2019

    EPPN2020 - Transnational Access testimonials

    First testimonials on EPPN2020 transnational access experiments are published.

  • 16  May  2019

    EMPHASIS supporting CATRIS, aiming at online catalogue for RI services

    EMPHASIS has been invited to participate in the CATRIS validation workshop in Brussels today.

  • 02  May  2019

    4th Call for Transnational Access to the European Plant Phenotyping Network 2020

    Application deadline: 8th of July 2019

  • 02  May  2019

    IBISBA - 2 call for research projects

    The 2nd call for research projects within IBISBA is now open.

  • 10  Apr  2019

    Read the ENVRIplus report on identification and citation service case studies

    The report “Inter RI data identification and citation services” from ENVRIplus, the cluster of European Environmental Research Infrastructures, provides a summary of three use cases related to data citation.

  • 27  Mar  2019

    Second Official BPPN meeting

    The second official BPPN meeting was to inform the Belgian plant phenotyping community with the current state of network, the progress and activities of EMPHASIS-Prep and the current state of EMPHASIS developments. Moreover, discussions have been held intensify to identify the needs for the Belgian plant phenotyping community and the position of BPPN within EMPHASIS in the future.

  • 26  Mar  2019

    EMPHASIS at the kick-off meeting of the Integrape COST action

    EMPHASIS discusses data management with the viticulture community.

  • 20  Mar  2019

    Kick-off of the EOSC-Life project

    EOSC-Life brings together the 13 Biological and Medical ESFRI research infrastructures (BMS RIs) to create an open collaborative space for digital biology.

  • 19  Mar  2019

    EMPHASIS integrating national plant phenotyping communities across Europe

    EMPHASIS has met with representatives of 24 national plant phenotyping communities in Europe.

  • 15  Mar  2019

    EMPHASIS awarded a Certificate of Excellence

    EMPHASIS has been recently rewarded a Certificate of Excellence in Research Infrastructure Leadership

  • 05  Mar  2019

    The EMPHASIS Italian node Phen-Italy organized a workshop

    The EMPHASIS  Italian node Phen-Italy organized at ALSIA - Metapontum Agrobios Research Center the workshop "New technological approaches to enhance plant phenotyping - Experiences of CNR Institutes".

  • 27  Feb  2019

    Kick-off of the RI-VIS project

    EMPHASIS joining forces with twelve European Research Infrastructures (RIs) to increase the visibility of RIs

  • 12  Feb  2019

    Launch Meeting of PhenomUK

    The newly-formed UK plant phenotyping network PhenomUK held its inaugural meeting at Rothamsted Research.

  • 27  Jan  2019

    MIAPPE version 1.1

     New version of MIAPPE published

  • 09  Jan  2019

    EMPHASIS as the EGU2019

    EMPHASIS and Environmental and Earth System Research Infrastructures at the ENVRI community booth at EGU 2019

  • 29  Nov  2018

    2nd CzPPN Meeting - Environmental simulation and indoor phenotyping

    The Czech Plant Phenotyping network held a second annual meeting at CEITEC in Brno.

  • 16  Oct  2018

    Corbel: 3rd Annual General Meeting, (16 - 17 October, 2018)

    CORBEL, the cluster of biological and medical research infrastructures in Europe, held its 3rd Annual General Meeting, providing a platform to reflect the progress made so for and discuss and decide on next steps in further joining scientific capabilities and sharing services to understand and translate biological mechanisms.

  • 08  Oct  2018

    3rd Call for Transnational Access to the European Plant Phenotyping Network 2020

    Application deadline: 28th of January 2019

  • 27  Sep  2018

    EMPHASIS collecting the viewpoint of the plant phenotyping modelling community

    Emphasis held a modelling workshop Sep 24 – 26 in Brussels, discussing the potential benefits to be generated by Emphasis for the modelling community and potential future roles of the modelling community for plant phenotyping experiments in the Emphasis framework. The results of this workshop will form a basis for the on-going discussion with modellers, data scientists and experimental plant phenotypers in Europe.

  • 17  Sep  2018

    Training Course: High-throughput wheat phenotyping,  Bologna, 17-18 Sep, 2018

    Phen-Italy co-organized with the Wheat Initiative, CREA and University of Bologna  a training course Training course on High-throughput wheat phenotyping in Bologna t the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

  • 13  Sep  2018

    Plant phenotyping forum, Austria

    The role of Austria and Eastern Europe in agricultural production.

  • 13  Sep  2018

    Strategies of the European infrastructures EMPHASIS and ELIXIR

    Data standards and Information Systems: strategies of the European infrastructures EMPHASIS and ELIXIR

  • 12  Sep  2018

    EMPHASIS exhibiting at the International Conference for Research Infrastructures (12 - 14 Sep, 2018)

    EMPHASIS has been exhibiting at the “International Conference for Research Infrastructures 2018” in Vienna, Austria.

  • 12  Sep  2018

    The 3rd ESFRI Exchange of Experience Workshop

    EMPHASIS representatives have participated on invitation in the 3rd ESFRI Exchange of Experience Workshop on “Effective use of Preparatory Phase Funding”.

  • 07  Sep  2018

    EMPHASIS moderating discussion on the future of field plant phenotyping

    How will the future of field phenotyping in (pan-)Europe look like? This was THE topic of the EMPHASIS Field Phenomics workshop on the 6th of September 2018.

  • 07  Sep  2018

    Greece joins the EMPHASIS Support Group

    EMPHASIS welcomes Greece within the Support Group

  • 05  Sep  2018

    The Italian plant phenotyping landscape (5. - 6. Sep, 2018)

    The Italiano Emphasis node Phen-Italy organized the workshop:  The Italian plant phenotyping landscape and the other international initiatives

  • 26  Jun  2018

    Third UK EMPHASIS Workshop

    A third UK EMPHASIS Workshop was held at the University of Nottingham to further increase understanding of EMPHASIS and discuss potential UK capability in relation to the EMPHASIS infrastructure requirements and services. Conclusions from all UK workshops have led to an BBSRC leading on an in-depth consultation exercise with the UK plant/crop phenotyping community and stakeholders to inform future strategy and engagement.

  • 23  May  2018

    2nd EPPN2020 General Assembly (23 - 25 May, 2018)

    EMPHASIS partner project EPPN2020 held a second General Assembly of Members in at the University of Nottingham addressing transnational access to plant phenotyping facilities in Europe.

  • 14  May  2018

    PhenoHarmonis, Montpellier (14 - 17 May, 2018)

    Working group to organize the collaboration between Elixir and Emphasis project,

  • 19  Apr  2018

    EMPHASIS at the 7th ERIC-Forum , Oxford (19 - 20 April, 2018)

    EMPHASIS were represented at the 7th ERIC-Forum meeting which took place in Oxford, UK hosted by INSTRUCT-ERIC. The meeting covered a wide range of issues including recommendations from the OECD on an impact assessment for RIs and an update on the 2nd ERIC Implementation Report by the EC.

  • 10  Apr  2018

    EMPHASIS providing strategic advice on European Environmental Research Infrastructures

    EMPHASIS is from now on participating in the Board of European Environmental Research Infrastructures (BEERI), providing strategic advice and guidance to the cluster project of environmental infrastructures. In that role, EMPHASIS will help to create a more coherent, interdisciplinary and interoperable environmental research infrastructure landscape in Europe, tackling grand challenges facing human society (e.g. food security, climate change mitigation).

    Further information on BEERI is available here:  http://www.envriplus.eu/beeri/

  • 05  Apr  2018

    EMPHASIS joining forces with European environmental research infrastructures

    Emphasis is now associated partner of the ENVRIplus cluster,

  • 22  Mar  2018

    Conference: Research Infrastructures beyond 2020, Sofia 22 - 23 March, 2018

    EMPHASIS representatives participated in the high-level conference “Research Infrastructures beyond 2020 – sustainable and effective ecosystem for science and society” taking place in Sofia,

  • 14  Mar  2018

    EMPHASIS integrating European plant phenotyping

    Representatives from 22 European countries that have been mandated by their national community (and form the so-called Support Group) met at IBG-2 (Forschungszentrum Jülich) between March the 12th – 13th.

  • 19  Feb  2018

    2nd UK EMPHASIS Workshop

  • 15  Jan  2018

    InRoad Workshop- Priorisation, Evaluation and funding; Brussels (15 - 16 January, 2018)

    InRoad works towards a better synchronisation of RI roadmapping procedures and thus contributes to a sustainable and efficient RI landscape in Europe. EMPHASIS was present at this important event which looked to address issues around long-term sustainability around RIs based on recommendations from the EC and feed into shaping these recommendations further.

  • 02  Jan  2018

    Support for EMPHASIS grows to twenty national plant phenotyping communities

    We are happy to welcome the Swedish community as 20th plant phenotyping community committed to support the development of the pan-European initiative EMPHASIS.

  • 28  Nov  2017

    EMPHASIS representatives participated in the EOSCpilot (28 - 29 November, 2017)

    1st Stakeholder Engagement Event in Brussels, contributing to the first phase of the development of the future European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

  • 22  Nov  2017

    Joint Catalogue of Services published,

    The biological and medical research infrastructure cluster CORBEL has published a joint Catalogue of Services

  • 22  Nov  2017

    Plant Phenotyping Forum: integrating European plant phenotyping community in Tartu, Estonia (22 - 24 November, 2017)

    This forum, organised under the auspices of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU, attracted nearly 120 participants to discuss the need to further development of EU-based technologies that can be applied for characterization of plant form and function in shifting climate.

  • 16  Nov  2017

    1st ERIC Forum, Graz (16. - 17.11. 2017)

    16 - 17 November, 2017

    1st ERIC Forum, Graz

  • 25  Oct  2017

    Biological and medical research infrastructure cluster CORBEL holds it 2nd Annual General Meeting (25 - 26 October, 2017)

    Within the last two days, thirteen research infrastructures from the biological and medical cluster met for their 2nd Annual Assembly in Amsterdam in the framework of the cluster project CORBEL (https://www.corbel-project.eu/).

  • 12  Oct  2017

    First official Belgian Plant Phenotyping Network meeting

    The purpose of the meeting was to discuss further actions on the formation of the Belgian Plant Phenotyping Network (BPPN), similar to national plant phenotyping networks as they exist in Germany (DPPN), France (Phenome-FPPN) and many other that starting to exist.

  • 11  Oct  2017

    EMPHASIS contributing to innovation frameworks at research infrastructures

    EMPHASIS exchanged concepts and best practices with several ESFRI infrastructures today for the establishment and maintenance of an innovation framework and its ecosystem at research infrastructures on invitation by the Technical University of Denmark.

  • 10  Oct  2017

    First UK EMPHASIS Workshop

    The first UK EMPHASIS Workshop was held in the UK to introduce relevant stakeholders to EMPHASIS.

  • 05  Oct  2017

    Towards an European research infrastructure on sustainable agriculture

    The European infrastructures EMPHASIS and AnaEE aim to collaborate in bringing innovative solutions for a sustainable intensification of agriculture.

  • 20  Sep  2017

    MBA course on Research Infrastructure Management has started with participation of EMPHASIS

    Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures programme (EMMRI) has been started with its first face-to-face module “Governance and Organisation”, with two member of the EMPHASIS-Prep Coordination and Support Team participating.

  • 15  Aug  2017

    15th national plant phenotyping community in Europe has expressed its interest to support EMPHASIS

    We are happy to welcome the Estonian community as 15th plant phenotyping community committed to support the development of the pan-European initiative EMPHASIS.

  • 24  Jul  2017

    CORBEL publishing framework for quality management with the contribution of EMPHASIS

    A framework for quality management in the field of biological and biomedical research infrastructures (BMS)has been developed and published with the contribution of EMPHASIS.

  • 21  Jul  2017

    EMPHASIS admitted to MBA course on Research Infrastructure Management

    Two members of the EMPHASIS-Prep Coordination and Support Office have been admitted to the Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures programme (EMMRI) at the University of Milano-Bicocca ( http://www.emmri.unimib.it/ ).

  • 07  Jul  2017

    EMPHASIS fostering community building of plant phenotyping in Northern Europe

    After having successful two regional mapping conference in Portugal in March 2017 and Austria in April 2017, EMPHASIS held a third meeting in Gothenburg as Satellite Meeting next to the SEB (Society for Experimental Biology) conference.

  • 26  Jun  2017

    EMPHASIS joining biological and medical infrastructure consortium CORBEL

    EMPHASIS has been approved to join the CORBEL consortium, an initiative of currently thirteen new biological and medical research infrastructures, which together will create a platform for harmonised user access to biological and medical technologies, data and related services.

  • 20  Jun  2017

    EMPHASIS stipulating innovation at research infrastructures

    11 Biological and Medical Science Research Infrastructures including EMPHASIS explored how they could stimulate innovation in Europe through providing open access to their key assets,

  • 19  Jun  2017

    Belgian Plant Phenotyping Network (BPPN) formation

    Plant phenotyping researchers of the public sector in Belgium united for the first time, in campus Plant Systems Biology (VIB) Ghent,

  • 12  Jun  2017

    Tenth national plant phenotyping community in Europe has expressed its interest to support EMPHASIS

    We are happy to welcome the Danish community as tenth plant phenotyping community committed to support the development of the pan-European initiative EMPHASIS.

  • 22  May  2017

    18 May, Fascination of Plants Day 2017: EMPHASIS addressing the broader public about plant phenotyping

    Partners from the EMPHASIS-Prep consortium organised multiple activities in the framework of the Fascination of Plants Day 2017, an initiative initiated by the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO; www.epsoweb.org) and intended to increase the understanding about plant science importance with the broader public.

  • 08  May  2017

    EMPHASIS exchanging experience on innovation

    EMPHASIS contributed to the discussions and experience exchange at the “2nd RICH Symposium: Fostering the innovation potential of research infrastructures”. This workshop organised by RICH ( http://www.rich2020.eu/ ), the network of National Contact Points for H2020-Research Infrastructure Programmes, aimed at  showcasing approaches to innovation taken by Research Infrastructures and projects in all scientific domains, as well as to provide a floor for the discussion of policies and incentives for innovation.

  • 03  May  2017

    European Maize meeting ( 03 - 05 May, 2017 )

    EMPHASIS was present during the European Maize meeting and the EMPHASIS-prep project was presented for the first time to the European Maize community. Conference took place in the city center of Ghent in the campus of Ghent University

  • 02  May  2017

    EMPHASIS exchanging experience on service provision (02 - 05 May, 2017)

    The EMPHASIS-Prep Coordination and Support Office participated successfully in a staff exchange programme on service provision of European research infrastructures, organised by the RiTrain project (http://ritrain.eu/). The programme was highly tailored to the individual needs of the participants allowing them to take full advantage of their time at EMBL-EBI to gain insight into the working practice of an established and successful research infrastructure.

  • 21  Apr  2017

    EMPHASIS continuing mapping activities of plant phenotyping in Europe

    After a successful first regional mapping conference in Portugal in March 2017, EMPHASIS held a
    second meeting in Vienna as a Satellite meeting to the International Wheat Genomics Symposium.
    The meeting attracted over 70 participants and focused on the phenotyping landscape in Austria,
    Serbia, Hungary, Switzerland, Romania, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Slovakia. This meeting helped to
    further exchange knowledge about plant phenotyping activities in the respective countries and to
    foster collaboration across national borders in Europe. Specific breakout sessions enabled to identify
    needs and demands for support by EMPHASIS to generate benefit for the community once it
    operates. This mapping conference will be followed by two further meetings in Gothenburg in July
    2017 and Tartu in November 2017.

  • 10  Apr  2017

    EMPHASIS exchanging experience on Strategic Vision, Governance and Business Development (10 April - 11 April, 2017)

    The EMPHASIS-Prep Coordination and Support Office participated successfully in a staff exchange programme on strategic vision, governance and business development organised within a framework of the RiTrain project ( http://ritrain.eu/  ) by the ESFRI project EATRIS ERIC.

  • 30  Mar  2017

    EMPHASIS kicking off mapping of European plant phenotyping

    EMPHASIS started a series of regional conferences, intended to map the European plant phenotyping landscape and foster the knowledge exchange within the community. We started this process with a conference in Lisbon that took place on March 29 as side event to a 3rd general meeting of the COST action FA1306. The meeting introduced the EMPHASIS project to more than 70 participants from academia, industry, politics and funding agencies.

  • 10  Mar  2017

    First Meeting of the Austrian Plant Phenotyping Network (APPN)

    The Austrian Plant Phenotyping Community held its first meeting at BOKU - Vienna, organised by the Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities and supported EMPHASIS. This meeting had great success in fostering information exchange about plant phenotyping activities in Austria and in Europe and was an adequate starting point for the building of an Austrian plant phenotyping community as part of the European landscape.

    Find further information about the event here: https://www.appn.at/1stappnmeeting-2/

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