18 May, Fascination of Plants Day 2017: EMPHASIS addressing the broader public about plant phenotyping

plants day 2017

plants day 2017

Partners from the EMPHASIS-Prep consortium organised multiple activities in the framework of the Fascination of Plants Day 2017, an initiative initiated by the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO; and intended to increase the understanding about plant science importance with the broader public.

All EMPHASIS-Prep partners to describe respective activities here

The Institute of Plant Sciences (IBG-2) at Forschungszentrum Jülich participated with three projects:

I. Career information day “Plant Sciences for the BioEconomy”

Young students for 7th to 9th were able to spend a whole day at the Jülich Schools Laboratory and at IBG-2 and gained a fascinating insight into the methods, approaches and technologies of plant science. They learned about current methods and experiments on phenotyping of plants and the sustainable cultivation of biomass. Afterwards, the students had the opportunity to get to know professional careers in the field of plant sciences in dialogue with apprentices, students and scientists.

II. Lecture ’fascinating roots: insights into the dark side of plants’

In the framework of ‘Plant Sciences for the BioEconomy’ about 120 pupils of the advanced level of the complementary school (Gesamtschule) in Kürten were introduced to non-invasive plant phenotyping with focus on roots. After the lecture Stephan Bloßfeld (a former member of IBG-2 and now teacher for biology and chemistry) chaired the discussion, where the pupils very actively took the opportunity to ask specific question on the lecture and professional careers.

III. Every plant matters: How do plants adjust to their environment?

People from all over the world could grow Arabidopsis plants from the same seed stock outside, during the same time of the year and take a picture after 4 weeks, with a blue token as size reference. At the same time they would also grow a plant inside, to see how plants inside were growing compared to those outside. All pictures would be placed on the web, along with metadata, for further analysis. Almost 200 participants enrolled, from 38 countries all over the world!


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