First Annual General Meeting of EOSC-Life Project


The implementation of a digital space for the life sciences in Europe is moving forward with EMPHASIS contributing as part of the EOSC-Life project.

Results from the first year of the project were presented and next steps discussed at the 1st AGM on 4-5 March 2020 in Brussels. The meeting included reports from the Work Packages and clusters, as well as breakout groups on topics arising within the Work Packages.

EOSC-Life will provide a route for scientific users to access interdisciplinary data with substantial support and assistance from RI data experts and tool developers, which is underpinned by cloud capacity and expertise.

EMPHASIS will contribute by enabling interoperability of plant phenotyping data according to the FAIR principle, making them re-useable for the plant phenotyping community and beyond. In addition, EMPHASIS will develop data analysis tools to address specific scientific challenges related to plant sciences in general, plant breeding, and development of technologies including imaging, robotics and automation. In its activities, EMPHASIS will build on existing initiatives to make data management FAIR such as MIAPPE and BrAPI, which will directly contribute to the development of joint standards and ontologies as well as incorporation of both plant genetic and phenomic information. EMPHASIS is also involved in a demonstrator project within EOSC-Life with other ESFRI infrastructures such as ELIXIR and ISBE that aims at linking phenotyping and omics data. EOSC-Life provides also opportunity for open calls beyond EOSC-Life project partners including plant phenotyping community, the callsĀ will be published soon.

The project further offers a range of training opportunities for technical experts in the field of data management, as for example on the deployment of data sets onto cloud systems or on workflow management. Further information and upcoming opportunities are constantly updated here.


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