Discussions with ministries on strategic options for EMPHASIS


During two web-based ministry meetings held in February and April, the newly established Interim General Assembly discussed specific steps for moving EMPHASIS into implementation.

Countries that have declared their intention of moving EMPHASIS towards operation have formally established the Interim General Assembly (IGA). This board acts as main decision-making body on all strategic aspects with high-level importance for the future of EMPHASIS. These aspects have been developed in an open stakeholder process as part of the EMPHASIS-PREP project.

To date, ten countries have formally joined the IGA: Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Serbia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Further countries that have not yet finalised the formal process for becoming an IGA member are already involved in discussions. As EMPHASIS is aiming at integrating all European countries, the IGA is open for participation of all further and are willing to work towards its setup.

Within the last two meetings (19 February and 27-28 April), this board has discussed in detail next steps for implementing EMPHASIS. These activities will already include the provision of a limited number of pan-European services for the community, supporting them in their research activities around plant phenotyping. They aim at meeting urgent demands that have been identified during mapping activities of the EMPHASIS-PREP project, including input from the EMPHASIS-PREP Support Group. Further activities are intended to implement all high-level organisational aspects (i.e. legal frameworks, governance, funding portfolio) to best support pan-European service provision once EMPHASIS is operational.

The Interim General Assembly aims to meet again before the end of If you are interested in joining, please contact the EMPHASIS Support Office.


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