EMPHASIS Editorial October 2016



In this first EMPHASIS-newsletter, we want to inform the EMPHASIS partnership on recent developments. Thus, we describe the mission of EMPHASIS, how it is embedded into the infrastructures in Europe and in national infrastructures. We also want to explain the next steps towards the establishment of EMPHASIS, which we will take in the framework of EMPHASIS-PREP, the project that will help to develop EMPHASIS by interaction with the wide communities and many stakeholders that are needed to make EMPHASIS a success.

This EMPHASIS-newsletter also contains the EMPHASIS Manifesto. This document defines the self-understanding of the project partners in EMPHASIS-PREP and their commitment to drive the process towards establishing EMPHASIS in an open and transparent way for the entire community.

With the aim to be a forum for European Plant Phenotyping, in the future EMPHASIS-newsletters will take up different formats and information. While we will keep readers informed about progress towards implementation of EMPHASIS, upcoming events in EMPHASIS-PREP and results of the discussions, we also hope to deliver interesting news for the European plant phenotyping community. Thus, we want to introduce readers to existing infrastructures and will discuss recent developments in technology and application of plant phenotyping infrastructures. In the sense of an open and transparent formation of the European Phenotyping Community, we are dependent on your input and cooperation as well. Thus, we would like to ask you to provide the information that you would like to spread to the community. You might provide us with descriptions of your facilities, summaries of publications of interest to the readers, information about upcoming events (also outside of the immediate EMPHASIS-PREP process) or even job advertisement. These are just a few examples, what you might post to us, but feel free to raise additional topics. The European Plant Phenotyping community will only grow and deliver, it we all are actively participating. Thus,


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  Chair (Uli Schurr)         Co-Chair (Francois Tardieu)         Executive Secretary (Roland Pieruschka)





EMPHASIS mission

EMPHASIS is an ESFRI project since the publication of the 2016 Roadmap. EMPHASIS has the goal to

  • develop complementary infrastructure based on the demand of users,
  • enable access to these infrastructure,
  • further develop the excellent pan-European plant phenotyping community and support European plant sciences.

EMPHASIS will establish a hub that closely cooperates with national platforms in European member states. National platforms in this context correspond to a representative of stakeholder community of a country mandated to represent the country within EMPHASIS in an open and inclusive way.

The preparatory phase (starting in 2017) will develop the EMPHASIS business plan to build a sustainable project with mid-/long-term perspective of operation. This will include a strong interactive development with providers and users of EMPHASIS infrastructures determine demands in phenotyping and related e-infrastructures as well as the establishment of an adequate legal framework.


The timeline of EMPHASIS: