EMPHASIS – Message from the Coordinator

Prof. Ulrich Schurr

Prof. Ulrich Schurr

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are in the second year of EMPHASIS-PREP, the EU-funded project to prepare for a pan-European plant phenotyping research infrastructure. We are further advancing the vision to develop the long-term and sustainable infrastructures and enhance the role of plant science in Europe. We are working with very diverse stakeholders at the broadest sense to make things move, which is an interesting and rewarding challenge at the European scale with all its diversity and fragmentation.

Our work starts bearing fruits and EMPHASIS is becoming increasingly visible by initiating discussions with diverse communities, supporting development, and laying the ground for the establishment of new infrastructure across Europe. We are all looking forward to build a strong community based on the fruitful interaction between the operational team, the executive board and all the many researchers and colleagues at funding agencies and ministries supporting EMPHASIS.

In parallel, many activities are ongoing at the European and national scales developing new phenotyping technologies, providing access to infrastructures, developing community-based standards for data exchange and advancing specific research topics in plant phenotyping. These projects advance a pan-European plant science and national development, with numerous infrastructure roadmap processes running with phenotyping proposals and many more phenotyping infrastructures coming up in national research organizations and universities.

European plant phenotyping is developing very dynamically. We need to join forces to stay competitive in the globally growing field of plant phenotyping. Let´s work together in the interest of a strong and interactive European plant phenotyping community.




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