EMPHASIS fostering community building of plant phenotyping in Northern Europe


Agenda Gothenburg 2017

After having successful two regional mapping conference in Portugal in March 2017 and Austria in April 2017, EMPHASIS held a third meeting in Gothenburg as Satellite Meeting next to the SEB (Society for Experimental Biology) conference.

This meeting focused on plant phenotyping landscapes in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom. Next to providing information about the plant phenotyping activities in these countries, the participants were provided with comprehensive information about Emphasis and its complementary development to the EPPN 2020 project ( During an open discussion including representatives from academia, industry, policy making and funding organizations, the current and potential future demand regarding plant phenotyping as well as the potential services to be offered by Emphasis were discussed. The series of regional conferences will be complemented by the next workshop in Estonia, 22nd – 24th of November, 2017. This event will be jointly organized by Emphasis, EPPN 2020 and ECOLCHANGE and provide an opportunity for close interaction by presenting and discussing different aspects of plant phenotyping and its application for breeding and basic plant sciences


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