EMPHASIS integrating European plant phenotyping

Emphasis Meeting in Jülich

Emphasis Meeting

Representatives from 22 European countries that have been mandated by their national community (and form the so-called Support Group) met at IBG-2 (Forschungszentrum Jülich) between March the 12th – 13th.

Participants shared information on the recent development of Emphasis and of their national communities, discussed how to intensify the link between the pan-European infrastructure and the national communities, and exchanged views on demands and how to meet them by Emphasis. The meetings helped to further concretize ideas about services in the field of (among others) sustainable centralized access to infrastructures, access to data and models, fostering a European plant phenotyping field network, and moderating the development of (quality) standards. The partners of the Emphasis preparatory project aim at developing concepts for pilot services within the coming months based on the results of this discussion and several expert workshops to take place in the course of 2018.


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