EMPHASIS joining biological and medical infrastructure consortium CORBEL

Corbel Consortium

Corbel Consortium

EMPHASIS has been approved to join the CORBEL consortium, an initiative of currently thirteen new biological and medical research infrastructures, which together will create a platform for harmonised user access to biological and medical technologies, data and related services.

 Through a user-led approach CORBEL will develop the tools, services and data management required by cutting-edge European research projects: collectively the CORBEL RIs will establish a sustained foundation of collaborative scientific services for biomedical research in Europe and embed the combined infrastructure capabilities into the scientific workflow of advanced users. Furthermore CORBEL will enable the RIs to support users throughout the execution of a scientific project: from planning and grant applications through to the long-term sustainable management and exploitation of research data. By harmonising user access, unifying data management, creating common ethical and legal services, and offering joint innovation support CORBEL will establish and support a new model for biological and medical research in Europe. The RI joint platform will visibly reduce redundancy and simplify project management and transform the ability of users to deliver advanced, cross-disciplinary research.

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