EMPHASIS kicking off mapping of European plant phenotyping

Kickoff Mapping

Kickoff Mapping

EMPHASIS started a series of regional conferences, intended to map the European plant phenotyping landscape and foster the knowledge exchange within the community. We started this process with a conference in Lisbon that took place on March 29 as side event to a 3rd general meeting of the COST action FA1306. The meeting introduced the EMPHASIS project to more than 70 participants from academia, industry, politics and funding agencies.

 In several breakout sessions, the community discussed ideas and expectations regarding the role and potential benefits to be provided by EMPHASIS for the community. The results illustrate (among others) the heterogeneity with regard to demand and provision of plant phenotyping infrastructures within the region and has identified room for improvement in interlinking the stakeholders. It has also shown the requirement to develop national hubs in each country with strong links to the EMPHASIS initiative. This first mapping workshop has clearly shown the potential of EMPHASIS as facilitator for strengthening the links within the plant phenotyping community and to neighbouring communities in Europe.

Find further information on the 3rd general COST meeting and the EMPHASIS regional conference here:


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