Finland: Data Makes the Difference


The Research Data Alliance (RDA) 14th Plenary Meeting in Helsinki in November was followed by an evaluation of the interoperability of image-based data of the Finnish National Plant Phenotyping Infrastructure (NaPPI) with the PHIS information system for plant phenomics.

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) 14th Plenary Meeting took place in Helsinki 23-25 November 2019. RDA is a global organization with over 9000 members in 140 countries and a goal of building social and technical infrastructures to enable open sharing and re-use of data. RDA activities are based on working groups, currently 30 of them active, who meet regularly to formulate recommendations and working models for data management issues. In November 2019 over 500 data experts met in Helsinki metropole area under the theme ”Data Makes the Difference” presenting topics such as management of online notebook applications, research data maturity assessment, and researcher motivation for data management. During the three days, the RDA plenary also highlighted several relevant topics for the plant phenotyping community, related to FAIR data curation, Machine actionable DMPs, Data versioning and Instrument Metadata.

The RDA Plenary in Helsinki was also attended by EPPN2020 and EMPHASIS project associate Dr. Romain David from the research team of Pascal Neveu, MISTEA SupAgro-INRA, Montpellier, France. After the meeting, a three-day visit to the Finnish National Plant Phenotyping Infrastructure (NaPPI) was organized. The purpose of the visit was to evaluate the NaPPI image-based data interoperability with the PHIS information system for plant phenomics. The data types and core experimental processes were reviewed to identify any heterogeneities. To implement interoperability and data usability by CODEX, vocabularies and unique persistent identifiers will now be developed at the facility. The next step is to map similar facilities for joint data management implementation to facilitate the future EMPHASIS layer adoption, a data integration and standardization platform that will link European data information systems and enable interoperability of data.

Kristiina Himanen and Tatu Polvinen (NaPPI, University of Helsinki, Finland)


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