Italy: International Collaboration for Training in Plant Phenotyping

Stephan Summerer from ALSIA training Peruvian scientists on a phenotyping platform

Stephan Summerer (ALSIA) training Peruvian scientists

Basilicata Agency of Development and Innovation in Agriculture (ALSIA, Italy) and Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALMA, Peru) team up for a training course in imaging for plant phenotyping

ALSIA, the Basilicata Agency of Development and Innovation in Agriculture, Italy, entered into an agreement with Acinterlab, a US-based company specialized in technology and instruments distribution, for a training course on imaging for plant phenotyping held at Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALMA) in Peru. The training course is a first step towards a deeper collaboration between ALSIA and UNALMA on research projects that imply plant phenotype imaging.

UNALMA is investing in High Throughput Plant Phenotyping (HTPP) and recently acquired a plant imaging platform. The training course, which started on 18 June 2019, was managed by two ALSIA senior experts and was attended by UNALMA scientists who want to acquire knowledge and tools on plant image analyses and traits extraction. The course contained both theoretical and practical elements, and UNALMA scientists have the opportunity to run real experiments on their platform and apply image analyses pipelines.

ALSIA owns a HTPP platform, which is the principal node of the Italian Joint Research Unit PhenItaly and part of EMPHASIS-PREP. ALSIA is a partner of EPPN2020, a European H2020 funded project facilitating transnational access to plant phenotyping research infrastructures.


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