Plant phenotyping forum, Austria

The role of Austria and Eastern Europe in agricultural production.

Austria is in the heart of Europe and has always had an important role as a as bridge builder between east and west. Within the workshop we discussed the role of Austria and Eastern Europe in agricultural production, as regions with huge potential and long-term traditions in the agricultural sector, important for security and stability in Europe and beyond. The Forum additionally provided the opportunity to discuss the contribution of agricultural research, especially plant phenotyping infrastructures, to Europe 2020 within the framework of the Austrian Presidency.

The Forum is divided into two parts where:

  • the Speakers introduced plant phenotyping infrastructure in Europe (Uli Schurr) and specifically the activities in Austria (Jakub Jez), Slovakia (Marian Brestic) and Czech Republic (Lukas Spichal) and outlined the relevance of plant phenotyping and agriculture in their countries and Europe at large.
  • a panel discussion addressd important parts of the priority areas defined by the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union ( and specifically the aspects related to agriculture. The panel discussion we focused on questions how agriculture incl. breeding can contribute to the stability and security by addressing global food security including the potential impact on social welfare.


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