Portugal: Plant Phenotyping Community Benefits from EMPHASIS

Geographical distribution of EMPHASIS expressions of interest in Portugal (updated July 2019).

Geographical distribution of EMPHASIS
expressions of interest in Portugal (July 2019)

The Portuguese plant research community is highly engaged with phenotyping initiatives. Participation in EMPHASIS and access to EPPN2020 transnational calls is a major breakthrough as high-throughput platforms are unavailable within the country.

The community is particularly engaged with the effects of abiotic constraints on yield and quality, namely water shortage, high temperatures, elevated CO2 and iron deficiency. For Pedro Correia starting EPPN2020 experiments (HeatDroughtPheno, FC-ULisboa), “beyond the access to a high-throughput plant phenotyping facility (PhenoLab, Copenhagen University), EMPHASIS will open a door for collaboration between institutions and knowledge exchange”. Marta Vasconcelos after performing EPPN2020 experiments (FERRARI and FUTURE-LEGUME, ESP-UCP) highlights “the benefits for students’ careers, assisting them to extract even more valuable information from their projects”. For Carla Pinheiro starting EPPN2020 experiments (FloweringUnderStress, FCT-NOVA), “the EMPHASIS translational project is an opportunity to reinforce the Portuguese chickpea breeding program and to showcase phenotyping for different audiences, from the general public to local and central government bodies”.

EMPHASIS is helping the development of the Portuguese plant phenotyping community and integrates regional questions to a broader European context. The Portuguese engagement with EMPHASIS is steadily growing, congregating public and private institutions and companies (Figure). The community is developing efforts to engage the government bodies to support EMPHASIS towards the operational phase, which in our view is crucial for our research, agriculture and forestry.



By Carla Pinheiro1,2, Inês Chaves1,3, Pedro Correia4, Jorge Marques da Silva4, Marta Vasconcelos5 and Leonor Guerra-Guimarães6

1 – EMPHASIS-SG; 2 – FCT-NOVA; 3 – ITQB-NOVA; 4 – FC-ULisboa; 5 – ESP-UCP; 6 – ISA-ULisboa


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