Second call for application for transnational access to European plant phenotyping facilities







Plant phenotyping is a major bottleneck for addressing the physiological questions and unraveling the genetic controls of traits and plant performance.

The European Plant Phenotyping Network 2020 (EPPN2020) provides researchers belonging to academic and industry groups with access to its 31 phenotyping facilities located all over Europe. The facilities can be used for experiments with either scientific or technological objectives. EPPN2020 has just launched its second call for application for transnational access, open to European groups but also open (to a limited extent) to groups originating from emerging countries or international research centers. The call closes on 29th of June 2018. Costs of such experiments are supported by the project.

 EPPN2020 is funded by the Horizon 2020 Program of the EU with €10 million and has the goal of opening European facilities and developing methods and standards in imaging, information systems, and data analysis. EPPN2020 coordinates its activities with the ESFRI infrastructure project EMPHASIS, developing a long-term strategy for operation of phenotyping infrastructure in Europe.

 For more information on available facilities, rules for access, and application forms, please visit:

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