Serbia: Recent progress of the EPPN2020 collaboration TrichoTOL


The EPPN2020 project “Trichoderma-Plant interaction for improvement of drought tolerance” (TrichoTOL; ID 159) was carried out by a research team from Educons University in Sremska Kamenica, Serbia, with strong support from the host institution Slovak University of Agriculture, in Nitra, Slovakia.

This project was a fruitfull result of previous cooperation of group leader Prof. Dr. Dejana Pankovic and Prof. Dr. Marian Brestic, who is coordinating the activities on the phenotyping platform „Slovak PlantScreen Phenotyping Unit (SPPU)”. This platform allows to monitor numerous aspects of plant/crop growth, development and response to abiotic stresses. TrichoTOL was dedicated to the investigation of interaction between tomato and Trichoderma. Trichoderma spp. are cosmopolitan soil and rhizosphere inhabiting fungi providing many advantages in agriculture, improving drought tolerance among others. As plant-Trichoderma interaction seems to be species (genotype) - strain dependent, the interaction of one tomato cultivar in combination with two Trichoderma species was investigated in control and drought conditions. The large amount of obtained data is now being processed and publications are in preparation.


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