Training Course: High-throughput wheat phenotyping,  Bologna, 17-18 Sep, 2018

Training Course Bologna 2018

Announcement: Training Course Bologna 2018

Phen-Italy co-organized with the Wheat Initiative, CREA and University of Bologna  a training course Training course on High-throughput wheat phenotyping in Bologna t the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

The training course organized by Wheat Initiative through the Expert Working Groups on Durum Wheat Genomics and Breeding, Wheat Phenotyping and Adaptation of Wheat to Abiotic Stress will present an overview of the most recent tools and platforms used to phenotype wheat and will report on practical hands-on analysis and interpretation of some case studies. The course will offer an opportunity to train wheat geneticists and breeders from the private and public sectors on essential tools to support genetic analysis and wheat selection.


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