EMPHASIS-PREP will be a H2020 funded project that aims to establish the business plan for EMPHASIS. The central aspect is to organise comprehensive communication with all stakeholders including infrastructure providers and technology developers from academia and industry, users from academia and industry, funding agencies and ministries as well as other ESFRI-projects in all relevant aspects to develop a sound business plan and European Plant Phenotyping Infrastructure Strategy for EMPHASIS. The EMPHASIS-PREP consortium has partners from the stakeholder groups relevant to mature the community and develop the business plan. EMPHASIS-PREP consortium - receiving funding through EMPHASIS-PREP project - has been designed to be lean, to efficiently address the work packages in the project.

EMPHASIS-PREP is organized in 6 workpackages:

WP1: Management of the project

WP2: Defining the available infrastructure, structural and financial infrastructure development and, criteria for a sustainable operation of the plant phenotyping infrastructure

WP3: Implementation of the demand of users and the establishment of an effective communication with different stakeholders (research organisations, funding agencies, ministries, users and technology developers, and public)

WP4: Preparation of an integrated information system by establishing a Data Management Plan with relevant criteria to qualify for EMPHASIS.

WP5: Assessment, development, preparation and establishment of the most suitable legal framework and governance for EMPHASIS

WP6: Developing and implementing of a Business Planand European plant phenotyping infrastructure strategyfor implementing sustainable processes and governance of EMPHASIS (WP 6 integrates WP2-5)


The work packages of EMPHASIS PREP:


EMPHASIS-PREP actions will include a wide stakeholder community.

It is essential that EMPHASIS-PREP works closely with the European plant phenotyping community at large to be able to address the goals of the preparatory phase seeking close cooperation with EMPHASIS Support Group (EMPAHSIS-SG).

The EMPHASIS-SG will consist of stakeholders that aim to become full EMPHASIS partners and new EMPHASIS partners will be able to join EMPHASIS-SG during the maturation process of EMPHASIS. The EMPHASIS-SG will play an important part by providing scientific, technical and user advice. EMPHASIS-SG will be directly involved in many EMPHASIS-PREP activities and continuously informed about the results of the project (newsletters, online discussion forum and annual EMPHASIS partner meeting)

The consortium running the EMPHASIS-PREP project from a financial point-of-view is much smaller than the EMPHASIS partnership. Thus, all consortium partners of EMPHASIS-PREP have signed the “EMPHASIS Manifesto”, in which they commit themselves to work towards and for the entire EMPHASIS partners.



EMPHASIS-PREP is an open and inclusive project and the partners are committed to follow the goals and procedures:

  1. EMPHASIS-PREP will provide the basis for the establishment of the sustainable and innovative pan-European infrastructure for plant phenotyping, EMPHASIS, European Infrastructure for Multi-Scale Plant Phenotyping And Simulation for Food Security in a Changing Climate.

  2. EMPHASIS-PREP will do this by establishing a transparent, open and inclusive process with the goal to provide the foundation of future operation of EMPHASIS by establishing a legal basis and a business plan. According to this policy and to achieve these goals, EPMPHASIS-PREP members will manage and coordinate the legal, financial and technical tasks defined in the Work Packages by including the diverse plant phenotyping expertise and community in Europe in close cooperation with the EMPHASIS-Support Group (EMPHASIS-SG).

  3. The EMPHASIS-SG consists of representatives of communities in plant phenotyping in member states interested in EMPHASIS.Country representatives inform and include their national plant phenotyping community in the process to design and set-up EMPHASIS. In that context, EMPHASIS-SG plays an essential role to address the national AND European Plant Phenotyping community at large.

  4. The role of the EMPHASIS-PREP partners is to manage and coordinate the processes leading to a legal framework and a business plan in cooperation with EMPHASIS-SG. The EMPHASIS-PREP partners are committed to the development of a pan-European community for plant phenotyping beyond their national interest. They are committed to include expert knowledge in the respective processes and tasks in EMPHASIS-PREP from and beyond their own countries for the purpose of getting the best and widest coverage of expertise that is for the benefit of the establishment of EMPHASIS as a pan-European research infrastructure

  5. EMPHASIS-PREP´s targets are not predominantly scientific results, but facilitating EMPHASIS as a European infrastructure. This management and coordination tasks include four major steps: i) mapping (infrastructure, funders, access procedure and models, stakeholder community, e-infrastructure, imaging approaches, legal and governance scenarios); ii) analyzing the gaps and limitations based on the mapping activities; iii) developing strategies to address the gaps; iv) combining the strategies in a business plan for future operation of EMPHASIS within a corresponding legal framework.

  6. The role of the Work Package and Task leaders is defined as such:
    -  Work Package Leaders are responsible for the management, coordination and proper completion of the WP, they manage the activities by collecting and inspecting the deliverables for completeness.
    - Task Leader are in charge of developing the science management objective that are the deliverables required to develop a complete business plan for EMPHASIS and a European strategic roadmap for plant phenotyping infrastructure.

    WP and task leaders use the allocated resources to manage and coordinate the EMPHASIS-PREP tasks in agreement with the open, transparent and inclusive policy of EMPHASIS.

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