New guide on how to draft communication strategies for research infrastructures

Communication strategy

A team of communication experts and managers of research infrastructures led by EMPHASIS and Instruct-ERIC have developed a step-by-step guide on how to develop and implement a communication strategy for research infrastructures.

The guide is a free resource to assist research infrastructure managers and communication staff and has been developed as part of the EU-funded RI-VIS project, a consortium of 13 partners that aims to increase the visibility of research infrastructures.

Strategic communication is key to the successful operation of any research infrastructure. The guide provides recommendations and explanations on the various aspects that a communication strategy should include such as communication aims, stakeholder analyses and the key points to consider when developing a targeted communication plan. It has been specifically designed for research infrastructures taking into account their specific structures and requirements.

The Guide on Communication Strategies complements the Communication Toolkit for European Research Infrastructures, which has also been developed within RI-VIS and which provides a practical set of tools, guidelines and materials to integrate into communication strategies and activities.

Download Guide on Communication Strategies here

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