Sweden: A virtual tour of the Biotron at SLU Alnarp

The Biotron at SLU Alnarp

The Biotron at SLU Alnarp

On 27 May 2021, NordPlant organized a virtual tour of the Biotron at SLU Alnarp. The Biotron is a facility for modern plant research with climatized rooms, with high precision and accuracy climates. One purpose of this tour was to fulfill NordPlants mission to spread information about the participating facilities. Another was to continue building the Facility Managers Network, which is intended to let the staff who work at the different facilities learn more about other facilities in the network.

The tour was held over zoom by Ramesh Vetukuri, who is the Biotron Development leader and Julia Nilsson who is a Horticultural Engineer at the Cultivation Unit. They guided the approximately 35 participants through the facility and showed the various growth chambers. After the presentation there was a lively session of questions and answers. The whole presentation was recorded and can be seen here.

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