How did EMPHASIS evolve?

EMPHASIS results from long-term consistent development of a plant phenotyping infrastructure funded by both member states and the European Commission through the research infrastructure programmes.

Key elements in the establishment of EMPHASIS are funding and establishment of national plant phenotyping platforms (more details) and European research infrastructure projects that enable the development and access to the European infrastructure.

Additionally there is a large number of thematic projects funded by FP7, H2020, ERA-CPAS, national funding agencies using diverse plant phenotyping platforms.

Certificate of Excellence in Research Infrastructure Leadership

The EMPHASIS team is continuously developing its competences in building a pan-European infrastructure, which is underlined by the awarded Certificate of Excellence in Research Infrastructure Leadership by the participation of the EMPHASIS Management Team in the Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures. The programme was supported by the H2020 funded RITrain project delivered by the University of Milano Biccoca.