About the EMPHASIS pilot services

With the EMPHASIS pilot services, we aim to deliver early benefits to the community in specific areas while testing and learning from pan-European service provision.

The pilot services help turn the EMPHASIS strategy into reality and bridge the preparation of EMPHASIS to full operation.

The EMPHASIS pilot services cover only a small but significant portion of existing user demand around plant phenotyping facilities.

This demand has been identified as part of an open and participatory stakeholder process.

Within the EMPHASIS preparatory project, extensive mapping activities have been performed in Europe. The EMPHASIS Support Group, consisting of mandated representatives of twenty-four national communities, has provided input and advice on the pilot service conceptualisation.

The experiences made in providing these pilot services will be taken into account for EMPHASIS full service portfolio provision.

EMPHASIS pilot services open to users

Quantitative Plant

Modelling Pilot

The online portal offers image analysis software tools, image data sets and plant models.

EMPHASIS Infrastructure Map

Infrastructure Map

The EMPHASIS Infrastructure Map provides an overview of plant phenotyping installations across Europe.

Further pilot services are currently in development

Field Pilot

Field Pilot

EMPHASIS will facilitate standardized and interoperable plant phenotyping in multi-environment field experiments through different field phenotyping services.

Training Pilot

EMPHASIS will coordinate and support various training activities in plant phenotyping.

Data Services

EMPHASIS helps users to bridge the gaps towards a local information system following FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable), so their datasets can be used by a large scientific community.

Harmonisation Pilot

EMPHASIS will work closely with the plant phenotyping community to develop Good Phenotyping Practices that will ensure experimental reproducibility and reusability of data.

Innovation Pilot

We aim to drive innovation in plant phenotyping technologies to ensure long-term sustainable excellence.