Previous meetings

EMPHASIS training course on URI generation and variables naming

April 2021

Virtual training course presenting a tool for good data practices promoted by EMPHASIS and EPPN2020 towards object identification (URI generator)  and variable naming


Jean-Eudes Hollebecq, Llorenç Cabrera Bosquet, Romain David, Marie-Claude Quidoz, Francois Tardieu, et al. Identification of objects with Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): recommendations for application in plant phenotyping. 2019. ffhal-02390920f

Workshop: Joint remote sensing and plant phenotyping workshop

10 Febraury 2021

The aim of this workshop was the identification of cutting edge topics to foster future collaborations and to develop new ideas and new concepts by bringing the two communities together. For instance, remote sensing and phenotyping communities use the same sensor technologies (hyperspectral, thermal, fluorescence, 3-D, etc.) and need similar retrieval methods, but work on different scales with overlap at the field- and UAV-platform levels and target different applications (e.g. precision agriculture vs. phenotyping). Thus, we brought experts from the remote sensing and plant phenotyping communities together to exchange and discuss where are common interests and synergy effects. Mainly, the focus was led on the assessment of vegetation properties and crop stress and disease detection using synergies from both communities and, ultimately, to develop a strategy to work closer together. 139 researcher attended the workshop which was divided into two parts. First, four talks on cutting edge topics from both communities were presented and discussed. The workshop was orgnised by EMPHASIS within a working group of the COST action's research project "Optical synergies for spatiotemporal SENsing of Scalable ECOphysiological traits" (SENSECO).

The presentations are available here