Modelling platforms for testing existing or virtual combinations of alleles in a variety of climatic scenarios and management practices

Models constitute important tools integrated in, or interfacing with, phenotyping pipelines. Unlike experimental platforms, models can be duplicated, have no accessibility limit, and may be run independently by users. All these advantages alter substantially their modalities of access and use.

EMPHASIS, as an infrastructure, provides the data/model quality policy that facilitates the articulation between its experimental platforms and models. Furthermore, the EMPHASIS information system (see Pillar 5. Data management and information systems), which organizes and stores datasets, embeds models within phenotyping pipelines by keeping track of standardized simulation inputs, outputs, and metadata in addition to experimental datasets, so the combined modelling and experimental workflow is traceable and reproducible. Finally, trainings constitute a cornerstone of the modelling pillar, allowing users to run models independently, while the EMPHASIS administration will dispatch extra modelling support requests towards the appropriate modelers.

The modelling pilot Quantitative Plant offers image analysis software tools and models for plants. 

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