The EMPHASIS Photo Competition

Winning picture:

“Plants Prior to Phenotyping”

by Biswabiplab Singh

Winner of the EMPHASIS Photo Competition in collaboration with IPPN is Biswabiplab Singh with his picture depicting plants prior to phenotyping at the Nanaji Deshmukh Plant Phenomics Centre in New Delhi.

"The photographer has captured an interesting motif that everyone immediately associates with research. The evening atmosphere is aesthetically pleasing, the air-conditioned greenhouse demonstrates the technical commitment, but given the plant pots set up outdoors, it is also clear that different plant species are directly exposed to the climatic conditions. Another aspect that ultimately tipped the scales in favour of this picture: The storm clouds are brewing in the background expressing an almost symbolic urgency in the face of climate change. But there are also silver linings."

Gero von der Stein (Klaus Tschira Foundation), judge of the competition

The photographer

Biswabiplab Singh is a Ph.D. scholar at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), working in the area of high-throughput phenotyping and genomics of complex traits in wheat. He loves adventure trips and photography.

Biswabiplab Singh has received a high-end camera and equipment sponsored by LemnaTec and DPPN.


We would like to thank all participants of the EMPHASIS Photo Competition for their amazing picture submissions!

In collaboration with IPPN e.V.

The EMPHASIS Photo Competition is supported by LemnaTec (main sponsor) and DPPN.