Training Pilot

EMPHASIS will coordinate and support training activities in plant phenotyping taking advantage of knowledge about needs and expectations of the plant phenotyping community as acquired during the preparatory phase (EMPHASIS-PREP). The training pilot will act as a guidance to coordinate, design and execute training courses, seminars and practical (hands-on) experiences for different target groups, facilitating access to training material and supplying updated training and transfer of knowledge offered at the different plant phenotyping facilities associated with EMPHASIS. Additionally, the training pilot will try to strengthen ties and collaborations among plant phenotyping infrastructures by participating in competitive European calls dedicated to training (e.g. the MSCA actions ETN and ITN).

The training pilot will closely interact with other EMPHASIS pilots, and with companion infrastructural services whose expertise may complement plant phenotyping skills (e.g. ELIXIR for bioinformatics applications). Training sessions will be arranged with the collaboration of participating Universities, Research Centers, other ESFRI projects, and community clusters and stakeholders.

Due to COVD-19 constraints, special attention will be given to remote, online accessible training. Face-to-face meetings and physical participation to events will be preferred. However, in case of travel restrictions to control the pandemic, remote activities will be intensified.

Target group

The training pilot is targeted at researchers and technicians from academia and industry, including early-career researchers, PhD students, hardware and software engineers, technology developers and end-users (e.g. farmers and agronomists). User demands have been mapped by EMPHASIS-PREP and those indications will be preliminarily followed (with step-by-step adjustments).


The Training pilot will provide:

  • Highly individualized training based on needs and expectations of users;
  • Transfer of knowledge for widest dissemination of state-of-the-art technologies (from hardware control to bioinformatics) at trainers and trainees level;
  • High inclusion for participants because of the reduced costs, especially when training sessions are remotely accessed;
  • Maintenance of a cloud-archive of contents (e.g. materials, texts, contacts) for each training sessions.

Once training activities are available, we will announce these via the EMPHASIS website and social media channels.