Modelling Pilot

The phenotypic space of experiments can be greatly enlarged by mathematical modelling through the computation of novel traits that are not directly accessible to available sensors. In addition, modelling also helps capturing the essence of observed phenomics data to predict integrated (e.g. yield) or functional traits (e.g. plant root system architecture) for new genotypes across a wide range of target environments or management practices.

Leveraging the power of mathematical modelling in plant phenotyping depends on our ability to:

  • Raise and maintain awareness within the plant phenotyping community of model applications
    To this end, we have designed the online portal referencing plant and crop simulation models. This website promotes the interest of the phenomics community in model-assisted phenotyping by referencing models that could be used to access or simulate new variables from phenomics data.

  • Help users, platform managers and model developers to design model-based data analysis pipelines.
    We design an interactive web companion facilitating the exploration of the possible connections between phenotyping platforms outputs, model inputs and model outputs.

  • Simplify the translation from phenomics datasets to model inputs.
    We design, together with Implementation Phase partners (data managers, platform managers and model developers), the appropriate ontologies that will align phenotypic variables, model parameters and model outputs.

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